Letters to our Daughters

Thank you for viewing our blog circle “Letters to our Children”.  It’s an honor to participate every month with such loving, giving & talented mothers & photographers.

Dear Littlest One,

Sweet girl!  From someone on the outside it would be very difficult to tell that you are only 3 years old.  The way you speak, the words you say, the ideas you come up with!  I love watching you discover who it is God made you to be.  You are finally realizing that you are your own person and are starting to do things differently than your big brother.  So fun!

This year you are returning to preschool at Montessori and will be in the Birch Class with Ms. Sarah & Ms. Suzy.  You will love them!!  They were Harrison’s teachers and are just absolutely wonderful.  I’m writing this as you just came home from your very first day in the primary program.  You were very sad that you could not go to kindergarten this morning with big brother, but by the end of the day you had a great time.  You made a giant macaroni necklace that is so long it nearly touches your knees!  I can tell you are going to blossom this year!!

This past month we were blessed to go to the NW Montana State Fair when Daddy was home from work.  You had such a great time because this year you were tall enough to go on a lot of rides all by your big self.  Your favorite is still the carousel although I think you had a pretty great time on the big swings!  We had so much fun going on the big ferris wheel as a family.  We stayed very late, which is also a treat.  For days and days you talked about going back to the fair next year.  I love these kinds of family memories!

I pray this year is a time of self discovery for you.  I think you will grow in leaps and bounds being in a different school than brother.  Maybe being 2 years apart in school isn’t such a bad thing.

You will turn 4 in four short months!  I’m not sure I want to admit this, but last night you went for your very first hair cut EVER.  You were a good girl, wiggled a bit but your hair cut looks beautiful.  Funny how a tiny change can make you look so much older & mature.  Don’t grow too big too fast ok baby girl?

I love you to the moon & back,


IMG_0532{first hair cut! please excuse my iPhone photos}

IMG_0533{first day of pre-K 2014}

jennburnettphotography-letters heidi blog-8

jennburnettphotography-letters heidi blog-10

jennburnettphotography-letters heidi blog-11

jennburnettphotography-letters heidi blog-12

jennburnettphotography-letters heidi blog-13

Enjoy your next stop at Kim’s blog!  Thank you for viewing our blog circle this month!


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