Letters to Our Daughters

Sweet Baby Girl,

I still want to call you my baby although you are growing up quickly.  You will always be my baby, don’t get me wrong, but you are really becoming more of a big girl and less and less like a baby.  I sometimes forget that you are only three because you speak so well and understand so much.

This month you were very excited to be moving up to the “big” classroom at Montessori.  You were sad that Ms. Becky couldn’t be your teacher anymore, but were excited as Harrison showed you around his old class, now your new class.  From the very first week of school both Ms. Sarah & Ms. Suzy were amazed at what a great worker you were, concentrating for long periods of time, often singing a song as you worked away.  This doesn’t surprise me one little bit since you’ve always been content playing by yourself, singing in your sweet little way.

In September you also started dance lessons with Ms. Leighanne at Whitefish Dance.  Because of the time of the classes you are in the 4&5 year old class and are having a wonderful time.  I love this class for your age because you cover ballet, tap, jazz/hip hop and basic tumbling.  You are having a fantastic time, which makes my heart so happy.  You are currently working on a routine to dance in the Homecoming Parade at the beginning of October, I can’t wait to see your beautiful smiling face having fun in the parade!

The thing I love most about this age is that you are truly Mommy’s girl now.  As a baby it seemed like you were more bonded to Daddy and that’s ok.  Now you seem to have more of a connection with me and I love it!!  It’s time for us to start thinking about what we will do to celebrate your 4th birthday as it’s coming up quickly!

I pray as you grow that your tenderness grows with you.  You are an amazing little girl – smart, beautiful and fun!  I wouldn’t change a thing about you even if I could.

I love you forever & a day,
Momma xoxo


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Letters to Our Sons

Dear Harrison,

It is hard to believe that it is already September!  We had such a wonderful summer together but now we’ve had to switch gears for the beginning of your first year of public school.  You found out in August that your teacher would be Mrs. Haller and that your friend Max from Montessori would be in your class, which was very exciting!

To be completely honest, the first 2 weeks of Kindergarten were very tough for you.  Since it is such a different learning/teaching model than Montessori you didn’t really like the transition from being able to choose what to do to being told what to do.  Thank goodness you are such a resilient boy!  Soon you learned all the new rules of Kindergarten, made some new friends and were on your way.  Library & show & tell have quickly become a favorite part of your week at school  You still love visiting sister at Children’s House Montessori, and hugging your old teachers Ms. Sarah & Ms. Suzy, of course!

We had a work day in the yard preparing for fall/winter, mowing the grass, putting summer toys away.  While looking carefully through the grass you found a wiggling worm and held it in your hand.  It was the funniest moment when you shouted “MOM!! Look!! This worm’s doing karate!!”  Sure enough the worm was actually flipping around in your hand.  I love these little moments of discovery & wonder!

September sort of came and went in a flash and now we’re settled into our new routine.  It’s so fun hearing all about your days at school and I’m so glad I was chosen to be your class Room Mom so that I can be involved in what you’re doing because I definitely miss having you around as often as we used to.  I miss those days but it’s been fun seeing you spread your wings!

I bless you little Prince to spread your wings and soar! To explore, to learn, to test, to discover all your heart desires!

I love you to the moon & back!
Momma xoxo

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Letters to our Daughters

Thank you for viewing our blog circle “Letters to our Children”.  It’s an honor to participate every month with such loving, giving & talented mothers & photographers.

Dear Littlest One,

Sweet girl!  From someone on the outside it would be very difficult to tell that you are only 3 years old.  The way you speak, the words you say, the ideas you come up with!  I love watching you discover who it is God made you to be.  You are finally realizing that you are your own person and are starting to do things differently than your big brother.  So fun!

This year you are returning to preschool at Montessori and will be in the Birch Class with Ms. Sarah & Ms. Suzy.  You will love them!!  They were Harrison’s teachers and are just absolutely wonderful.  I’m writing this as you just came home from your very first day in the primary program.  You were very sad that you could not go to kindergarten this morning with big brother, but by the end of the day you had a great time.  You made a giant macaroni necklace that is so long it nearly touches your knees!  I can tell you are going to blossom this year!!

This past month we were blessed to go to the NW Montana State Fair when Daddy was home from work.  You had such a great time because this year you were tall enough to go on a lot of rides all by your big self.  Your favorite is still the carousel although I think you had a pretty great time on the big swings!  We had so much fun going on the big ferris wheel as a family.  We stayed very late, which is also a treat.  For days and days you talked about going back to the fair next year.  I love these kinds of family memories!

I pray this year is a time of self discovery for you.  I think you will grow in leaps and bounds being in a different school than brother.  Maybe being 2 years apart in school isn’t such a bad thing.

You will turn 4 in four short months!  I’m not sure I want to admit this, but last night you went for your very first hair cut EVER.  You were a good girl, wiggled a bit but your hair cut looks beautiful.  Funny how a tiny change can make you look so much older & mature.  Don’t grow too big too fast ok baby girl?

I love you to the moon & back,


IMG_0532{first hair cut! please excuse my iPhone photos}

IMG_0533{first day of pre-K 2014}

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Letter to Our Sons

Every month our lovely group of mom-togs collaborates on a project called “Letters to Our Children”.  I have found it to be a fabulous way to remember exactly what each child  is like at that exact moment in time, through pictures and through writing.  I love this personal project!  I ended up missing July’s letter which I think I will make up for at a later date, but here is my August letter to our oldest child, Harrison.

Dear Brave Boy,

This month you embark on a brave new journey into the big unknown of public school.  You are officially a Kindergarten student!!  All August we waited with anticipation to find out who your kindergarten teacher would be and your letter finally arrived announcing you would be with Mrs. Haller.  We have heard lovely things about her, and enjoyed meeting her at the Kindergarten Round-Up in the spring.  You have been so very excited about the whole process.  For Mommy it has been a little scary sending her baby out into the big world.  You officially spend more time in school now then you do awake at home {not counting sleep time}.  School, teachers & friends are about to become a major influence in your life but I pray that you become the influencer, letting your life and your Light shine brightly in public school.

The end of August brings lots of big changes…  Gone are the summer days of sleeping in, going to the beach & going camping.  We are slowly getting back into routine.  Pretty soon Rangers kids club will start at church.  You have been very excited by the fact that this year you will get to earn a lot of badges for your vest!  I pray this year your faith & foundation is solidified for yourself, not just by what you think Mom, Dad or Sunday School teachers want to hear.  May the truth of Jesus’ sacrifice take deep root in your heart and you life.  You have been wanting to be baptized for sometime but I want to make sure that you understand why.  Maybe this year you will truly be ready.

We have been discussing skating lessons for the winter since you were too young to play football this year.  You think you really want to play hockey, so I suppose we need to start with learning how to skate!  I pray all your dreams come true this year Little Man.  I thank God daily for grace required to be a good Mom, because I don’t always get it right.  Thank you for saying “I love you no matter what Mom” when I tell you I messed up.  You make me so proud!

I love you forever & a day my little World Changer!


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Munson Family Session

I was so blessed to spend time with this awesome family!  I love the Munson’s because they are kind, sweet, generous and funny, which I think totally came through in their session.  Please feel free to share the blog post with all your loved ones and please leave some comment love!


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Kids Were Here

When writing these monthly blog posts I can’t help but acknowledge how quickly time is flying by.  I’m excited to present to you the July edition of KIDS WERE HERE.  Enjoy our shares as we’ve captured the evidence of childhood.

*A special little note to all the Mothers/Photographers/Documentarians that I collaborate with every month… You ladies are amazing!  A lot of you work out of the home with demanding careers yet you pursue your passion of photography relentlessly.  Many of you are becoming masters of your craft and I am honored to call you friends.

Here is my camping version of Kids Were Here.

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Letters to Our Daughters

Yay!!  It’s officially summer which means it’s time for June Letters to our Children!

Dear Heidi,

Earlier this month you were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the Birch classroom at Montessori with your big brother.  You were very excited to try out all the new “big works”, Harrison showed you around and you were sad when you had to return to your little Saplings class.  You just love doing anything your big brother is doing, and you are usually big enough to keep up to him now!  I just know you are going to love being in Miss Sarah’s class, too.

Daddy and I are talking about fall extracurricular activities for you, and we are trying to decide between putting you in dance lessons or voice & music lessons.  You just love to sing so much that we really want to nurture your natural talent & abilities.  Maybe you’ll get the chance to try both and see which one you love the best.

You are enjoying summertime even though it’s been very rainy.  We had fun doing Aqua Tot swim lessons together the last few weeks.  You are absolutely fearless, which scares me a little, but I am learning to let you go at your own pace.  You love going underwater and I get nervous when you don’t come up immediately.  You alway emerge with a huge grin on your face.  You are a natural at swimming, so much so that you are skipping a level (as per your instructor) and will be in the same class as Harrison when the time comes.

You had a lot of fun camping & riding bikes this month.  You are always ready for an adventure, and I love that about you.  I pray that never changes!  Just remind me of that when you are ready to travel the world!

You are at the very sweet age where you want to be 100% independent and then have moments when you just have to be with Mommy.  I am treasuring these moments because, as I’ve already experienced with your brother, they are indeed fleeting and will be gone all too soon.

Sweet girl, love you to the moon & back.








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Kids Were Here

Welcome to the June edition of our little project, Kids Were Here.  To me this project is the perfect opportunity to capture the fleeting moments of childhood; the beautiful messes, the blur of activity, the endearing things they do that we all know will be gone way faster than we can imagine.  Thank you for joining us on this personal project.

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